Youth World Championships 2012 - News

12.09.2012: Final result list published: Download

20.08.2012: There are lots more press releases, which have to be scanned. These will be available until the beginning of September.

20.08.2012: Further press leleases an one more press handout added in the overview - klick

19.08.2012: Further pictures of the chair project published - klick

19.08.2012: Impressions from Sunday in the gallery

19.08.2012, 2.30 a.m.: Pictures of the closing ceremony published: gallery

18.08.2012, 7.45 p.m.: Pictures of the matchplay finals added: gallery

18.08.2012, 6.20 p.m.: The participants are now preparing for the closing ceremony. Pictures from the matchplay finals and the closing ceremony will follow as soon as possible.

18.08.2012, 4.57 p.m.: Eetu Ikola (FIN) wins the boys' strokeplay competition. Silver goes to Philip Lau from Germany. Congratulations!

18.08.212, 4.50 p.m.: The bronce medal in boys' matchplay championships goes to Markus Nilsson (SWE). Congratulations!

18.08.2012, 4.46 p.m.: Congratulations to Vanessa Peuker (Silvermedalist) an Annika Dellmann (Broncemedailist).

18.08.2012, 4.45 p.m.: Congratulations to the new Youth World Champion (Matchplay) Lara Jehle from Austria!

18.08.2012, 3.10 p.m.: 

The final in the boys' matchplay:

Eetu Ikola (FIN) - Philip Lau (GER)

Philip Lau turns the match in a close duell at the last lanes.

Match for rank 3:

Markus Nilsson (SWE) - Derice Shumilov Susoho (SWE)

18.08.2012, 3.07 p.m.: 

The final in the girls' matchplay:

Vanessa Peuker (GER) - Lara Jehle (AUT)

Match for Rank 3:

Katharina Benn (GER) - Annika Dellmann (GER)

18.08.2012, 1.35 p.m.: New pictures in the gallery.

18.08.2012, 1.05 p.m.: Following girls' players have reached the semifinals:

Katharina Benn (GER)
Vanessa Peuker (GER)
Lara Jehle (AUT)
Annika Dellmann (GER)

18.08.2012, 12.45 p.m.: Further information: DMJ-Facebook

18.08.2012, 12.40 p.m.: Following boys' players reached the semifinals:

Markus Nilsson (SWE)
Eetu Ikola (FIN)
Derice Shumilov Susoho (SWE)
Philip Lau (GER)

18.08.2012, 12.05 p.m.: New video on YouTube.

18.08.2012, 11.52 a.m.: First pictures of the matchplay published - gallery

18.08.2012, 11.30 a.m.: Following girls' players have reaches the quarter finals:

Katharina Benn (GER)
Polina Mogilevskaya (RUS)
Vanessa Peuker (GER)
Lina Liljegren (SWE)
Lara Jehle (AUT)
Martina Danner (AUT)
Maike Haupt (GER)
Annika Dellmann (GER)

18.08.2012, 11.25 a.m.: Following boys' players have reaches the quarter finals:

Sebastian Piekorz (GER)
Markus Nilsson (SWE)
Jan Anderegg (SUI)
Eetu Ikola (FIN)
Andreas Schneider (SUI)
Derice Shumilov Susoho (SWE)
Philip Lau (GER)
Igor Pantelimonov (RUS)

18.08.2012, 11.05 a.m.: Video of the boys' strokeplay final on YouTube.

18.08.2012, 10.40 a.m.: Lanes, that are played  in the matchplay: klick

18.08.2012, 10.30 a.m.: Live-comments on Facebook:

18.08.2012, 10.15 a.m.: New pictures of the chair project published - klick

18.08.2012, 9.50 a.m.: Following players have reached the round of the last 16:

Sebastian Piekorz (GER)
Kai Lödding (SUI)
Markus Nilsson (SWE)
Juuso Tasku (FIN)
Miroslav Cibik (SVK)
Jan Anderegg (SUI)
Eetu Ikola (FIN)
Pascal Zeller (GER)
Torben Fjordvang (DEN)
Andreas Schneider (SUI)
Derice Shumilov Susoho (SWE)
Anders Brandt (SWE)
Alexander Dahlstedt (SWE)
Philip Lau (GER)
Igor Pantelimonov (RUS)
Robin Hettrich (GER)

18.08.2012, 9.45 a.m.: Video of the girls' strokeplay final on YouTube.

18.08.2012, 9.40 a.m.: Press handout from August, 17th published: Download

18.08.2012, 9.10 a.m.: New press releases linked: overview

18.08.2012, 8.45 a.m.: Good morning from Bad Münder. The first round of boys' matchplay is running. 16 of them will go on under the next 16. In the round of the next 16, they will ply together with the girls. From then we will report much more intense. In between we wish lots of fun with the results. - Live results

17.08.2012, 11.07 p.m.: The videos of the strokeplay finals are ready and will be uploaded tomorrow morning.

17.08.2012, 10.25 p.m.: NDR-television from August 17th - watch now

17.08.2012, 9.45 p.m.: Starting list for the 4th day of competition. - Download

17.08.2012, 9.25 p.m.: Pictures of the final round medal ceremony published. - Gallery

17.08.2012, 7.15 p.m.: The boys - congratulations!

17.08.2012, 7.11 p.m.: The girls - congratulations!

17.08.2012, 7.00 p.m.: The pictures of the medal ceremony and the final round are on the way in the tournament office an will be available as soon as possible.

17.08.2012, 6.55 p.m.: The boys' competition is completely dominated by the Germans. Congratulations to 1. Andreas Schneider, 2. Pascal Zeller and 3. Sebastian Piekorz! Best non-german player was Markus Nilsson (SWE) on the 6th place.

17.08.2012, 6.50 p.m.: The decisions are made - We say "Congratulations" to the new Youth Wolrd Champion Katharina Benn, who won the sudden-death against Annika Dellman at lane 1 on feltgolf. The bronce medal goes to Sweden. Congratulations Sara Karlsson, who overtook Vanessa Peuker with his last great round of 23 strokes on the feltgolf course.

17.08.2012, 5.30 p.m.: Sweden's Sara Karlsson reaches the bronce medal with a great round of 23 strokes on felt. Annika Dellmann and Katharina Benn have to play a sudden death bacause of equal results.

17.08.2012, 4.55 p.m.: Pictures of the final round can be seen in the gallery after the medal ceremony!

17.08.2012, 4.50 p.m.: Great minigolf from the girls. All of them are playing a niche final round with good strokes. The atmosphere is super, in case of more and more spectators coming to Bad Münder.

17.08.2012, 3.55 p.m.: Markus Nilsson (SWE) played the second round of 18 in this tournament. He moved formward to rank 5 behind the Germans Piekorz, Hettrich, Zeller and Schneider.

17.08.2012, 3.30 p.m.: The girls have finished their round on miniaturegolf. Kathrina Benn is leading in front of Annika Dellmann. Vanessa Peuker played 19 again an is now on the 3rd place, shortly before the best non-german player, Lara Jehle (AUT.

17.08.2012, 2.25 p.m.: The finals have begun: results

17.08.2012, 2.20 p.m.: Manny Thanks to Gerhard Jaenichen (adviser of the Minigolf Marketing GmbH, president of Bahnengolf-Verband Saxony-Anhalt and cash auditer of Weltmeisterschaften Bad Münder UG) for his visit:

17.08.2012, 2.07 p.m.: New pictures in the gallery.

17.08.2012, 1.53 p.m.: Following boys have reached the finals in the strokeplay competition:

1 Sebastian Piekorz GER 236
2 Robin Hettrich GER 240
3 Andreas Schneider GER 241
4 Pascal Zeller GER 241
5 Robin Heidengård SWE 242
6 Anders Brandt SWE 242
7 Alexander Dahlstedt SWE 243
8 Marcel Waleska GER 244
9 Markus Nilsson SWE 245
10 Philip Lau GER 246
11 Derice Shumilov Susoho SWE 247
12 Thomas Sieber GER 248
13 Beat Wartenweiler SUI 251
14 Daniel Moser SUI 253
15 Aapo Pessi FIN 255 

17.08.2012, 1.52 p.m.: Following girls have reached the finals in the strokeplay competition:

1 Katharina Benn GER 255
2 Annika Dellmann GER 257
3 Lara Jehle AUT 260
4 Lina Liljegren SWE 263
5 Vanessa Peuker GER 263
6 Sara Karlsson SWE 265
7 Maike Haupt GER 265
8 Karolina Jandova CZE 271
9 Polina Mogilevskaya RUS 272

17.08.2012, 1.50 p.m.: Youth-WCs at NDR-television at 7.00 p.m. in "Hallo Niedersachsen".

17.08.2012, 12.13 p.m.: At the moment there are five Germans leading in the boys' competition. The first three (Pikorz, Waleska, Zeller) all played top-rounds (24-27 strokes).


17.08.2012, 12.07 p.m.: The surprise of the first combined round today: Evgeny Slivkov (25, 19 = 44 strokes)

17.08.2012, 12.05 p.m.: Pictures of the strokeplays' final day online. - Gallery

17.08.2012, 11.00 a.m.: The girls have finished their first round on the miniaturegolf course. Annika Dellmann expanded her lead by playing a 19. Lara Jehle (23 strokes) is equal with Katharina Benn, 5 strokes behind. - Results

17.08.2012, 10.53 a.m.: New video with the Kosovo on YouTube.

17.08.2012, 10.37 a.m.: New pictures of the chair project here.

17.08.2012, 10.25 a.m.: Video of the team finals on YouTube.

17.08.2012, 10.12 a.m.: Further press release linked: overview

17.08.2012, 8.15 a.m.: Today is the final day of the World Championships in strokeplay. The Germans take the first places at the moment. The Swedes Brandt an Heidengard and for the girls Jehle (AUT) and Karlsson (SWE) have the best chances to interfere in the flood of medals.

17.08.2012, 8.10 a.m.: Press handout of the team finals available: download

17.08.2012, 0.52 a.m.: Starting list of the third competition day - klick

17.08.2012, 0.50 a.m.: RTL local television of August 16th

17.08.2012, 0.27 a.m.: New press releases linked - klick

16.08.2012, 11.10 p.m.: Pictures of the team finals added: gallery

16.08.2012, 7.55 p.m.: The victory picture of the day:

16.08.2012, 7.10 p.m.: Both team medals go to Germany, pictures and a detailed video will follow this evening. Congratulations to all winners!

16.08.2012, 4.08 p.m.: We will get to the finalss soon. The media team will mainly be on the courses for the best pictures. Some impression about the team finals can be read on DMJ-Facebook:

16.08.2012, 3.10 p.m.: New pictures in the gallery.

16.08.2012, 2.45 p.m.: New video on YouTube: video

16.08.2012, 2..00 p.m.: Video for the great "blue" round of the german boys. - Video

16.08.2012: First 18 of Marcel Waleska (GER) - His Scorecard

16.08.2012, 1.05. pm.: The surprise of the tournament is the russian player Igor Pantelimonov - his result here.

16.08.2012, 1.02 p.m.: The swedish girls' team played a good round at the beginning of the second day (87 strokes) and catched up to the leading german team.

16.08.2012, 1.00 p.m.: Great results from the german boys' team. At the moment a team-round from under 20 strokes in average is still possible! - Results

16.08.2012, 12.55 a.m.: New pictures of the competition: gallery

16.08.2012, 12.35 p.m.: Today's highlight: The TV-station RTL (local television RTL-Lower Saxony) is filming on the courses (On Air today  at 6.00 p.m.):

16.08.2012, 12.30 p.m.: Press handout of the first competition day published: link

16.08.2012, 10.40 a.m.: Video on YouTube - Martin Tomanek about the first competition day and the consequences of the dely due to the rain. - Video

16.08.2012, 10.35 a.m.: The competition has started. At the moment, the TV-station RTL films on the courses.

16.08.2012, 9.32 a.m.: Decision of the referees: Start of the competition at 10.30 a.m.!

16.08.2012, 9.25 a.m.: New press releases of the YWC linked: overview

16.08.2012, 8.40 a.m.: A present to the team of public relations - handed out this morning by Lavdim Zylfiu, represantative of the Minigolf Federation of Kosovo

16.08.2012, 8.32 a.m.: Next desicion of the referees. At 9.30 a.m. they will decide about a new starting time. Earliest starting time is 10.00 a.m.!

16.08.2012, 8.30 a.m.: Many thanks to Beate Thomys from Nestlé Schöller for her visit at the Youth World Championships 2012.

16.08.2012, 8.25 a.m.: First pictures from the rainy morning published. - Gallery

16.08.2012, 7.35 a.m.: Rain in Bad Münder: The next decision about the starting time will be at 8.30 a.m. The earliest starting time is at 9.00 a.m.!

15.08.2012: Video of the first competition day on facebook available: Watch now

15.08.2012: Starting list for the second day of competition: klick

15.08.2012: The article in Sat.1 local television can be seen in the media library of the TV-station. Watch now 

15.08.2012: New pictures of the chair project: klick

15.08.2012, 5.00 p.m.: That's it from day one. At latest tomorrow morning a video of the first day can be seen on the YouTube-channel.

15.08.2012, 4.55 p.m.: Also in the girls' team competition Germany is leading. Especially Katharina Benn shows a top-result (1st place, 101 strokes):

1 Germany 317 26,4
2 Sweden 327 27,3
3 Austria 333 27,8
4 Czech Republic 354 29,5
5 Russia 367 30,6
6 Portugal 428 35,7

15.08.2012. 4.50 p.m.: The first day of the competition has finished. In the boys' team competition the german team leads with an impressing result. Following a short overview:

1 Germany 582 24,3
2 Sweden 611 25,5
3 Austria 639 26,6
4 Switzerland 651 27,1
5 Russia 694 28,9
6 Czech Republic 701 29,2
7 Slowakia 737 30,7
8 Portugal 849 35,4

15.08.2012. 4.47 p.m.: New pictures of the day: gallery

15.08.2012, 3.10 p.m.: The sky is blue and blue are also the results on the felt course. Besides the great round of 23 strokes of Anders Brandt (SWE) the average levels at 28 strokes in on the top. In between the Finnish player Eetu Ikole surprises with 39 strokes  after 2 rounds of miniaturegolf. - Results

15.08.2012, 3.06 p.m.: New pictures of the day: gallery

15.08.2012, 1.10 p.m.: Short break from the media side because of some journalists visiting the courses, for example Sat.1 local television and NDR-Radio. In between the german teams are in front of the classement. But the results are grreat generally. Two videos of the tournament were uploaded on DMJ-Facebook. More pictures will follow.

15.08.2012, 9.50 a.m.: First pictures of the competition day in the gallery.

15.08.2012, 9.33 a.m.: The german girls team is starting great. 27 strokes for Kathrina Benn on the feltgolf course.

15.08.2012, 9.17 a.m.: The first round of 19 strokes was played. Congratulations to Eetu Ikola from Finland. He played his only "2" at the last lane. - His scorecard can be seen here: scorecard 

15.08.2012, 7.30 a.m.: Press release added: link

15.08.2012, 07.06 a.m. The last preparations are done, the nations are preparing, too. It ist the last dountdown, at 8.00 a.m. the tournament will start

14.08.2012: News from the press: klick

14.08.2012: Today was the last day before the tournament. All 14 nations seem do be well preparated an look forward to the competition. A team of NDR-Television visited the courses today to film with the german team, especially with the local hero Marcel Waleska. The result can be seen on Thursday or Friday at 7.00 p.m.. Pictures of today as usual be found in the gallery: klick

14.08.2012: New pictures of the chair project published: link

14.08.2012: The current starting order is now online: link

14.08.2012: Video from the opening ceremony on the YouTube-channel of DMV online: video

14.08.2012: New press releases linked: overview

13.08.2012: During the opnening ceremony the starting order of the teams were drawed.

Girls' Teams: Czech Republic, Russia, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Germany

Boys' Teams: Slovakia, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Portugal 

13.08.2012: The opening ceremony began with a flag parade of the nations from "Steinhof" to Martin-Schmidt-concert hall. Besides the greetings from politics and sports a refreshingly supporting program decorated this event. Numerous honored guest were present. Pictures of the openinig ceremony in the gallery.

13.08.2012: Today's evening the official opnening ceremony of the Youth World Championships performed. Tommorow morning the pictures of this event can be seen in the gallery.

13.08.2012: Information of the chair project published: link

13.08.2012: Training pictures from Monday added: gallery

12.08.2012: Video from training on sunday published on YouTube: video

12.08.2012: Team pictures for download published: link

12.08.2012: Training pictures from Sunday added: gallery

12.08.2012: Media information in german language published: link

11.08.2012: Watch the YouTube-channel of the German Minigolfsports Fedaration with daily videos from today on. The first video shows impressions of the german team. - Video

11.08.2012: Official programm of the opening ceremony online - download

11.08.2012: Player's party in Bad Münder: a kind of street-festival with food, drinks and music causes an good atmosphere under the participants. Mayor Hartmut Büttner was also present and tried to manage the presentation lane in front of the store from optician Johan Hasenfuß. - pictures

11.08.2012: Training pictures from Saturday addes: gallery

10.08.2012: Training pictures from Friday added: gallery

09.08.2012: Training pictures from Thursday added: gallery

09.08.2012: Training pictures from wednesday added: gallery

08.08.2012: Pictures from the competition area and the organiszational works added: gallery

08.08.2012: Further greetings in english language added: link

08.08.2012: New press releases added: link

24.07.2012: The official greetings for YWC 2012 were added: link


3D YNC 2012 Bad Münder is now available. The Facts:
29cm / 32 shore / 58g, colour: yellow, price 15,00 EUR.

The Ball will at first be sold to the participants of YWC,  after that remaining balls will be in free disposal.


21.07.2012: Training groups are published: Download

21.07.2012: The programm was added: klick

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