Youth World Championships 2012 - Chair project

The Minigolf City Bad Münder also has a "Chair-Town". In the district Eimbeckhausen there are the beginnings of chair industry in the valley of Deister an Süntel. In this district you can find the "German Museum of Chairs"
As a special for the Youth World Championships the Minigolf City Bad Münder created a chair project. One Chair will be designed by all participating nations with slogans, flags and names and will be given to the museum, where it can be visited.

At the beginning the chair looks like this:


Tuesday evening the chair looks much more coloured:


And more coloured on Wednesday (15.08.2012):


Thursday, 16.08.2012


Friday, 17.08.2012


Saturday, 18.08.2012, beore the closing ceremony


Sunday, 19.08.2012, final result, togehter with the "brother-chair" of the Team-Champions from Germany with all signatures


The chairs will be given to the German Museum of Chairs on Monday, August 20th. We will publish a picture from the exhibition (after the last final works) as soon as possible.

Thank you to all nations, who worked on this collaborative project!

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